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Surf City Landscapes | Landscaping | Lawn Services | Topsail Island

Surf City, NC, USA

Surf City Landscapes, Inc

Roger Bass, owner, Surf City Landscapes, Inc., has been performing landscaping services for over 40 years and has been transforming sand into a tropical paradise for the Topsail Island and coastal Area. His professional and native knowledge ensures an ever lasting landscape design through knowledge of coastal plantings and landscape management. Topsail Island Landscaping and Surf City Landscaping requires special knowledge of native coastal plants. Environmental considerations are also part of our landscape design. Landscape maintenance is an integral part of keeping your slice of paradise looking great and thriving. Roger is a full service landscaping company performing lawn mowing, mulching, sodding, pruning, hardscapes, and other lawn and garden services.


Coastal landscape design requires a native understanding of coastal hearty plants for longevity.


The landscape design you envision is turned into reality! Let us deign the perfect coastal retreat!


Keeping that perfect coastal retreat requires periodic maintenance which includes pruning, seasonal plantings, and general maintenance. Vacation homes need regular maintenance. Let us keep that beauty year round!

I would be honored to transform your outdoor space into a Topsail Coastal Paradise! Please get in touch and let’s see what magic we can achieve!

Contact Roger Bass at (910) 512-0394 today and let him transform your yard into a coastal paradise!

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Landscaping Services requires the Need to think NATIVE when Planting along the Southeastern NC Coast

Planting native plants along the southeastern coast of North Carolina is essential for maintaining the health and resilience of local ecosystems. This region, characterized by its humid subtropical climate, faces unique environmental challenges including hurricanes, coastal erosion, and increasing temperatures due to climate change. Native plants, having evolved over millennia in these conditions, possess inherent traits that enable them to thrive and provide crucial support for local wildlife.

Native flora such as the American beachgrass, Eastern purple coneflower, and live oaks are adept at surviving the region’s sandy soils and salt sprays. These plants stabilize the soil and reduce erosion, a vital function especially in hurricane-prone areas. Their deep and complex root systems help in managing stormwater runoff, reducing flooding and preventing pollutants from reaching water bodies.

Moreover, native plants offer essential habitat and food sources for local wildlife, supporting biodiversity. This is particularly important as urban development and climate change threaten habitats. By planting native species, homeowners and landscapers contribute to a corridor of greenery that supports insects, birds, and other wildlife.

Furthermore, native plants require less maintenance than non-native species, as they are adapted to the local climate. This reduces the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides, making gardening more sustainable and cost-effective. Cultivating native plants also helps in combating the spread of invasive species, which can outcompete and displace native species, disrupting local ecosystems.

For all these reasons, residents of North Carolina’s southeastern coast are encouraged to choose native plants in their landscaping efforts. By doing so, they not only enhance the beauty and resilience of their own property but also contribute positively to the larger environmental health of their community.

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